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Welcome to motorsport film and restoration

Motorsport Film and Restoration is an automotive protection company in Richmond, Texas servicing greater Houston. Our team is backed by over 20 years of experience in the auto-body industry. 

We offer complete vehicle protection solutions, including paint protection film, window tint, and ceramic coatings using industry leading products. Just some of the many ways we can help protect both you and your inv​estment.

​Building relationships is our priority. Treating people how we want to be treated is what we do. It's never "it's just business"; a sense of family is what we value and important to us and key to customers for life.

It's the difference between being treated as a customer. And being welcomed as a family.


Paint Protection Film

  • STEK HYDROphobe® nano glass ceramic top coat

  • Protects from Rock Chips and Scratches

  • Extreme water repellant performance

  • Extreme high-gloss and optical clarity

  • 10 Year Warranty (Anti-contaminant, non-yellowing)


Window Film

  • Innovative HeatResist™ nanoparticle technology 

  • Up to 95% IR Heat Rejection

  • 99% UV Protection

  • Air Conditioning Relief


Ceramic Coating

  • Glossier than Original Clear Coat

  • Ultra Hydrophobic, Repels Dirt, Grime & Water

  • UV Protection

  • Registered to Carfax

  • Engineered to Last the Lifetime of your Vehicle.

Ceramic Coating.png

What PEOPLE Are Saying

"Third car done with this Company. I go back because I know the attention to detail is always top priority. Another job well done"

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